Sunday, 17 October 2010

Update on life!

Hi since the last blog my Dad caught the 'C Difficile' infection and had to return to James Cook and be barrier nursed (and us). He has gone back such a long way and now he has had to start getitng better again, it took them a week to decide he had the infection and in the meantime he was a very weak man of 84 getting up sometimes every 10 mins to go to the loo, with a catheter in and hardly able get up. We were happy when they finally moved him back to James Cook. He was a lot better today, we asked them to give him an anti depressant to help raise his spirits and hopefully that will kick in soon as he has some bad days. We have a stair lift in place at Dads and a bath thing(!) and Mam will hopefully get some help with Dad when he gets home.

IN the meantime between hospital visits! we have had a stand at the New College Durham Vintage and Retro Fair which we did well at again. We have decided to try our luck at Hexham and I am currently making pictures and cushions out of old fabric. We have also been to the auction and bought a few bits to piant like mirrors for Hexham as apparently visitors there like painted furniture.

I also bought at the auction a huge load of boxes of buttons! Where do I start there are thousands of them in boxes, huge, tiny, coloured, cream, grey, horn, you name it we have them. I am thinking of putting them on ebay in lots of say 10, any ideas??

In the two boxes of linen and china were some wonderful pieces including several pairs of beautiful ladies evening gloves and a pair of the finest kid leather gloves I have ever seen.

Better go to bed now long day aheas tomorrow at work and the 20th October draws nearer as I am a public sector worker and Wednesday is the day we know a little more about our future. There have been plans made all over the Council for redundancies behind closed doors and I guess they will surface in the next few weeks.

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MarmaladeRose said...

Your poor dad's going through it at the moment isn't he.

Buttons, buttons, buttons! Since you have soooo many maybe you should sell them by weight; say 50gram mixed bags or what ever seems a sensible weight.