Thursday, 30 September 2010

We are still around after some grim weeks..............

Hi I haven't posted for a long time - first we were busy then my Dad was very very ill in hospital and almost lost him to pancreatitis. We were warned we were probably going to lose him very shortly but remarkably he pulled round and is still with us. Ironically the pancreatitis is nothing to do with his cancer but it has left him exhausted and he seems to have aged very much over a short time. He was in high dependency for a long time and then another ward, now he has been transferred to a local GP run hospital onlty a few mins from my Mam's house but she doesnt drive so is reliant on lifts. Dad had his 84th birthday in hospital but he is so depressed and down. He keeps telling Mam he is so sad, it's awful she just wants him home and thats where he wants to be, he isnt going to get much better till he gets there.

We now await the care package they will put in place and Mam is having a stairlift fitted as soon as possible.

We had a fortnight off and planned to venture down South again to find some of these wonderful places we see on the blogs. However we ended up spending the fortnight going back and forth to the hospital. Then we went back to work and carried on with the trips, trying to support Mam however we could.

On a more cheery note we spent the August Bank Holiday Mnoday having a lovely day on New College Durham Vintage and REtro Fair. Thanks to Julie at for encouraging us to try a stall and being so friendly.

We had a very fruitful day and were very good and didn't buy anything. We are venturing forth again on 10th October for another Fair. We sold lots of things from around the house and loft etc and can do a few more stalls before we need to start looking for stuff! how bad is that!

I also took some of my lavender sachets, pictures and cushions etc. I have made some more of them for next time out of some lovely vintage fabrics. It was so nice when people complimented me on what I had made, it feels good doesn't it.

We did manage one day out when we very kindly offered some free folding shelves from a lovely lady called Tracy at . We went up to Blackhill nr Consett to meet her and her lovely family who were so friendly but then County Durham people are known for that.

We went on to Corbridge and the famous shop called RE - wow I loved it but was very restrained.

Will try and post some pics of some of my makes and some of my recent finds after I have to replace the stuff that has gone and will go to the Fair !


Ash said...

Best laid plans!!! There always seems to be something rocking the boat that is life doesn't there? Thoughts are with you and your family - I lost my Dad a couple of years ago after a bad fall while he was away 'down south'. I often wonder if he was in a space to wish he was back home so I hope the care package makes that happen for your Dad.
Best wishes.

The Cloth Shed said...

Lovely to see you at Durham yesterday....the lavender filled ticking heart I bought from you, now has pride of place on my skinny cupboard in the hall!
Julie x

Helen said...

Lovely to meet you on Sunday, I love my little picture I got . . .. . . Love Helen xx

MarmaladeRose said...

Hello Sweetie, lovely to have you back. Life will get in the way of blogging won't it! I thought you must have 'stuff' going on for you to leave it so long between posts.
I hope all goes well for your Mum and Dad and they're soon back together again.
I'm glad you managed a few days out here and there though, it sounds like you made the most of it.
Keep your chin up hun.
love fi x