Wednesday, 19 May 2010

We are off 'down South'

We are leaving early tomorrow morning to visit Alan's son and family in Tunbridge Wells. They moved from East Dulwich last year and love it so they are putting their house in London on the market and looking for somewhere permanent in TW. Neither of us have been there before so I am looking forward to it.

I meant to ask on blogs if anyone can recommend places to see but forgot and now its too late.

Paul and Sue Mee are taking us to to Lewes on Friday whilst the children are at school for a grown up day! and I know some people have put on blogs about it but I'll be blowed if I can find them. Still I am assured by others that it is very nice and full of my kinds of shops.

I see the temperature is going to be good this weekend so it should be nice though I dont like the heat with my own hot flushes being so rampant at the moment.
We are staying in a B&B in TW as they only have 2 bedrooms where they are renting, the B&B is just a few mins awayfrom the Pantiles whihc looks fabulous.

Anyway I will have lots of blogs to read when we return - I will try and remember to take pictures.


cumquats said...

I hope you are having a lovely time. Kim :)

mrsnesbitt said...

Just popping in to say "Hi" - been a long time but I fell across your name today and hey ho had to say hello!

Ash said...

Hi Alchamillamolly, thanks for calling in on my blog ashbecreative - still learning to navigate around this blogworld so hope this reaches you ok! I was over your way yesterday with the kids, calling in at the garden centre and picking up some very pink paint for my daughters bedroom - her choice!! Finding it a real boost to find people out there so will be keeping an eye on your blog, isn't marmalade rose wonderful!! Bye Ash.


Hello there, glad to hear from you!! you mentioned a vintage fair at new colledge Duerham . do you mean on mon 30th, you said 29th, I want to be sure of date as i may be a ble to come, its th 30 th on the events web site? could you let me know pleaeeses!!! have a lovely time with your family , and hope to see you soon! Linda x x

The Cloth Shed said...

The Vintage Fair at Durham is Bank Holiday Monday the 30th not 29th!
Don't want you turning up on the wrong day....
Julie x

Hesta Nesta said...
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