Thursday, 13 May 2010

Time moves on..........

This is me on the left and my friend Norma on the stall I had at Masham!

Last week my son moved back into his house and his lovely wife Vicky moved into a rented house. We are going to see her tomorrow night - it will be awkward but we want to see how she is after several traumatice weeks. Adam is settled as well and feels calm and content.

ON a more cheery note I had a stall at a spring fair in Masham which is about 25 mins from home. There was only one other lady with handmade goods, the rest were fairtrade, bags, jewellery etc. I did very well and sold quite a few things. The best thing one was that Vintage Heart came from Richmond to visit me and it was fantastic to meet her - she is lovely and she bought some bunting and a pot off me. It was an experience - there was tea and coffee and cakes etc and in the morning all the locals came in for their regular Saturday chat and five ladies moved their chairs around the table next to my stall and then proceeded to make a cuppa each last for almost an hour - during that time noone could get near to see my stuff!! They then all got up and came over and started to 'look ' at my stall.
I had a canvas over which I had stretched some lovely 'scottie dog' fabric - one lady said she liked it to her friend and then said I want a pinboard - I said it isn't a pin board - her reply was "so it's not useful then?" I said " Well not particularly" I explained it was fabric over canvas and her reply was " So what is it then?" I said "it's a picture" to which her friend replied " Come on , you can make one of those yourself"!!! As we say in Yorkshire - There's nowt as queer as folk!

I am pleased to say that later on a lady from Solihull (on a coach trip) loved my 'useless picture' and bought it for her daughter she restored my confidence and faith in humanity.
I have packed it all away now but it is ready to transport and I will look out for another 'do' and in the meantime I will make more bunting and some of the pictures I made with vintage fabric and frames and wadding.

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