Monday, 13 October 2008

Bargain Sunday!!

Went to Elsecar on Sunday and found exactly what we have been looking for the conservatory. I wanted a smaller table than the old Ercol we had in there - to give us more room and small enough that we could eat at it and I could sew small things at it!.

I am off today on a flexi day - what is this weather like - I have been washing and cleaning today and I cant get it out fast enough before it dries. Bad news though that means I should be ironing now instead of going off into town.

The table was originally £125 reduced to £85 - Elsecar has a collectors fair once a month but there is a building full of booths and cabinets that is there permanently and it was in one of those. The guy had left his phone number on the wall so Alan gave him a ring to ask his best price - which I thought was cheeky when it was already - he said he could have it for £75! I nearly fell over. He then rang one of the ladies who work there so she knew what he had said - it fitted in the car so off we went clutching our gorgeous table.

I have also managed on Saturday to rearrange the conservatory so I now have my two sewing/crafty boxes handy and have moved some of the books to the front room. Two of the pics are of the shelves Alan has added around two walls of the conservatory - it is 96degrees in there at the moment and I would love to spend the rest of the day in there fiddling about and reading but I have to go to the butchers and the bakers etc! so we can eat.

We went to Bedale on Saturday and were pleased to see that the shops we liked had got better. There is a shop called the Red House and it had the most gorgeous stuff in it. I saw some lovely Art Deco original border tiles that I really want for the bathroom I was going to go off white and aqua's and F&B greeny blues, but then I saw these tiles they are just off white with a soft checkered pattern on them in a soft black sounds silly but they were it wasnt a harsh black - they are lovely - need to persuade Alan now. Bedale is only about 5 miles away but we havent been for ages we have had DIY free weekend because of the weather this might be the last weekend like we had.

We were thinking about going to the Vintage & Handmade Fair but its a lot of petrol and we need to stay two nights - so we are thinking its a lot of expense. It will at least £300. I would dearly love to see all the bloggers in person but its a long journey for us Northern Ladies! I am going to very jealous when eveyone is blogging about the day and how they met up - my friend at work is going to ban me from reading blogs in my lunch break after the 22nd November because it will put me in a mood!
The trouble is that money would buy me a bath and taps and maybe even a basin for the bathroom wouldn't it. I have to get on and get it done asap because the carpet for the stairs is waiting to be fitted and ther is no point until all the mess has been up and down them from the bathroom.
Right I must go - I have just added my old Ercol table and two pine chairs to Freecycle - so I have no excuse now to be on the laptop.


Sal said...

I will get my husband to take lots of photos of the V&H fair, for you.He thinks he is sneaking off to the pub for the day ! ;-)

Sal said...

I can't see an email address on your blog..thanks for you reply on mine. I have not slept much all night as my son was doing a long journey through the night!!I know exactly what you mean!!

Hugs xxx

Lucy Bloom said...

Pleased to see all your stuff coming out on display, makes me feel better that I'm not the only one with tons of stuff!

MarmaladeRose said...

Oh that table is perfect. It fits beautifully in your conservatory. I love the shelves going around the top, what a great use of space. Thanks for all your little shopping tips, I really appreciate the time you've taken to point me to all the good places. Hubby is off to the auction in Bedale on Friday, unfortunately I've got to go to work.

funkymonkey said...

Your new table looks great in its new home. I know what you mean about the V&H Fair. I'll be so envious reading all the blogs after the event. At least I'm not on my own.

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Catherine, you have been busy...not me at the
It is borrible. I feel trapped. Never slept so much.
I understand how you feel about the fair, it will mean a 2 nighter for us too, but as it is Katies birthday we thought it would be a nice treat anyway. I hope the plaster is off by then. I think a bath is probably more important anyway. The cottage is still on track at the moment and they are keen to exchange....but as you and I know only too well.

Summer by the sea said...

Its great to get a bargain isn't it - Glad to see everything is coming together now - Natalie x P.S - love those cupcake candles on your earlier post they look so realistic!

driftwood said...

your conservatory looks like a lovely place to sew - lots of natural light.
thanks for visiting my blog, that cafe is called Mill Farm Gardens and Tea room, it's in South Milford, Leeds, so not too close, but if you were out that way it's really worth it. The website link isn't working but this link has all the details.

enjoy. x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Catherine
I don't think there is any substitute for a new bath and taps.. but great shame we won't be meeting you at the fair.. not wishing to rub it in!!!
If I am organised.. I will take my lap top and blog from the fair.. a real live blog!!!
Love your new table and particularly love the tabby on the top!
Michele xx

LOUISE said...

I wish I could go to the fair too. Even for me right on the south coast, it is a bit too far to go in one day. As it happens I have to work that day, so that's put paid to going anyway! The table fits in really well, I love how the cat has already found it! I like your shaker boxes you have on your shelf, I have always wanted a set of those. x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hello Catherine,
Thank you for your comment on my blog - I am sorry to hear that you are struggling to find vintage fabrics. I shall add a plea for you on my next blog post, for anyone to supply you with info of fairs in your area...hope it helps.

I would say there is only a North/South divide, in as much as most of the textile dealers travel to France to find their wares. Obviously petrol/ferry crossings etc being the price they are, they need to live as near to the coast as possible. On their return, they then need to sell the stock as soon as possible to claw back monies spent, so most of the fairs are in the south. I have to say that the prices for the fabrics are high and I am often unable to afford a lot of the pieces that I would love to purchase! It really is a case of me visiting as many fairs as possible to turn up a few pieces that i can use at a realistic price.
Have you tried Donna Flower's website? She has a vast array of fabrics for sale - I met up with her at the fair yesterday - she's a lovely lady.
Anyway, have a great weekend,
Warm wishes,

Country Cottage Chic said...

I just wanted to let you know that the vintage posters are in my shop now!

Carol said...

Just popping into see what you have been upto?
Carol xxx

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Catherine

Following your request to Niki, which she has blogged, have you tried this website?
You'll find fairs and all sorts there. Hopefully some you haven't come across before.

Good luck.


cocoa and blankets said...

hello, I am Helen via Nicky at the stone house...she said you were looking for fairs in yorkshire...there is a vintage fair in yorkshire saturday 12th December...if you pop to my blog there should be some info on the saltaire post ...if there is anything else you need to know please email me and I will see what I can find out ...