Friday, 19 August 2011

Time moves on........................

Hope you like my jumble sale doggy, he is so lovely but do I rehome him??
This is my gorgeous niece on her wedding at the end of July - the weather was perfect

This is my auction house buy - he is wonderful too.
Well here I am in August last post was May so not the most frequent blogger on the block!
The pictures above are of my two dogs purchased earlier this year, the big one was from the local auction and the little one from the jumble sale I help out at once a year. They were taken out and washed with shampoo and then showered and allowed to dry naturally in the sunshine we had in about May this year, they came up so well and I live them to bits!

I am still working and it doesn't look like I will be able to leave as planned. My job was officially deleted from the County Council a couple of weeks ago. My line manager and I had to go for the higher job that was available or we would not have been eligible for redundancy. Anyway Norma got it which is right because she is a higher grade than me and I am pleased for her, she has also sold her house and got rid of her mortgage, which is a triumph these days. The job has still not been graded through job evaluation so it may not even turn out to be a higher job.... the joys of local government.
Anyway the next news is that one of the women whose job was saved ( the same job/salary as I do but on a fixed term contract) requested voluntary redundancy because of the imminent stress that the job would cause her due to the restructure - lo and behold she was granted it. Now this job is one that was carried out by two full time people with two people helping out a claims times, it is now a post for one person only. I have to go for the job as I am doing it now and again would forfeit any redundancy if I did not. They then decided to let her go early (today) and left me doing the job on my own. They would not advertsie her job until she had gone and I am not 'ring fenced' for it as it was not part of the unit's restructure! So it will be advertised next week when they get around to it - in the meantime they are not bothered because I am sat here doing it. I hope you are keeping up ......................

I have to go for jobs as they will not let you get redundnancy if you don't - my date for leaving is 27th October. I have decided that rather than take a job I don't want or don't know anything about that I am better to go for the 'devil you know', so I will apply for it when it goes on the bulletin. I equally cannot assume that I will get the job because our boss has not been successful when she applied for her own job nor the one underneath. We do not know why, but we do know that her face obviously doesn't fit - she is fantastic at her job and has so much knowledge that if she goes we will struggle to carry out the funding programmes without her.

So, if this job (if I get it!) is the one for me then I have a contract until December 2013 and hopefully by then I may get redundancy as Alan will be 67. It has been a long summer we have all been working so very hard with no time for holidays from work, I had this week booked off but had to cancel it due to workload. I may get a week in mid September after all the claims are done.

It has been strange weather up here in the North and the garden has been scorched and then battered, water logged and burnt, good old Blighty eh, never lets you down when it comes to unpredictability.

Alan is enjoying his retirement ie he is not doing anything! We were notified of an old pension from a job he was made redundant from and it was a lovely surprise, it isn't a fortune but we were able to take a lump sum, so he did and he is now the owner of a Mini Cooper S!!! Is this a mid to late life crisis I ask?? It is lovely and more comfortable than I expected, he started with a mini van in the 60's and now he is back in one, though this is a much improved version. Needless to say as I am still working we will hang on to my Fiesta - which has a sensible boot and will allow us to do our Fairs.

What a ramble that was - we have had our Niece's wedding which was wonderful. The day was perfect in every way and we could do it all again.
The picture of my niece Louise with my brother and his wife, looking beautiful and a radiant bride- has to stay there as I can never position these bloomin' photos on the blog. She has been making stuff for her day for months now, including 70 metres of double sided bunting, little pot tealights with doily patterns imprinted on them, all her invitations, and favours. She also made and hand printed all of the orders of service which were lovely and a perfect keepsake. The service was in her local church and was perfect, then back to her new husband's farm where there was a beautiful marquee and a small band playing, the sun was shining and everything was lovely and vert English. There was a converted piggery (beautiful) with doily bunting and fairy lights leading to the marquee, she had tables laid out with vintage crockery and cakes and little eats as well as a table with old jars and inside were old fashioned sweets and an old typewriter for you to type your good wishes on home made cards for her to keep from the day, this girl must have been making this delightful stuff for months and months. There was even a corner with little tables and colouring books and puzzles for the little ones.
Everyting had been so carefully planned and
The food was superb, the venue was stunning and we had the most perfect day...........even down to the vintage cups and saucers for the tea and wedding cake at the end to the vintage tablecloths adorning every table - vintage bliss.................................
I am off today, Friday - we are sitting here with the heating on low getting snuggly and now I am going to pick up my good murder and snuggle in.


JW said...

Lovely to catch up on all your news! I've been checking your blog since I first met you several months ago at the Paperlane and you have finally updated it! Sorry to hear that the work news isn't good but I won't comment here. The wedding sounded fabulous and I love your dogs! Jill x

MarmaladeRose said...

Hello Mrs. Lovely to hear all about you and yours. I think we all need to see lots more photos of that wedding it sounds fantastic. Glad you're back on the blog, I'll keep my eyes peeled for that Mini Cooper. x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Hi Catherine,
Sorry for tardy reply - have been away for half term hols!
Now - I can only seem to email back to a comment when on my phone (duuur - so behind on technology!) so please email me your suggestion for commision and I'll be able to get back to you rather than writing an essay in your comments box!
Would love to make you some ladybird blocks so do get in touch!

Now - those wheel along dogs look adorable! and a mini cooper you say? we love our mini (again, going full circle!) but Cleggys self proclaimed mid life crisis seems to require something of the 2 seater variety... so either your OH is more easily pleased or he hasn't reached the real crisis yet!!! I may start making my mid life crisis list now....
fee x
(pleased to meet you!)

Cheryl-ann Taylor said...

Hi Catherine,

Just Cheryl-ann from the Homespun and Vintage Fair...did you get my email I sent you regarding the Merry Christmas Banner xxx

Carol said...

Love Them doggies!
Nice to have a little so catch up I do not get into blogland so often these days. I will not going into TW for a week or so. But I will find out the price and let you know.