Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Where did February and nearly March go..........

I am just going to get on with writing and hide the lack of presence on the blogging front as usual I am avidly reading them all but then too tired to post one of my own!

These are some beautiful ribbons I have bought from a French website after finding some lovely French ladies' blogs. The picture does not do them justice and the service from the Stephanie was fantastic, each ribbon was wrapped individually in red tissue paper it was such a pleasure opening them all.

I have aso been buying some fabrics lately - the top pink one is an old Laura Ashley it was a single gathered valance and has given me yards of material in a very usable strip for £1.25!
The middle left is finally a purchase from Cath Kidston in Harrogate on Sunday as well as the piece on the bottom right. The shop is a dream isn't it -especially the lovely old quilts used as changing room curtains.

Bottom left and top right were vintage fabrics bought on Sunday from the Vintage and Reto Fair in Harrogate - quite small as the lady had had several cancellations 'cos it was Mother's Day.

All the rest have been bought of that emporium known as ebay - another reason why posting time on the blog is never enough as I love to search.

Below is the wonderful dresser top my Husband has made me for the bargain dresser base we bought a few months ago. This was originally a base cupboard with a an extra deep solid oak worktop and the other side was panelled with big brackets under the worktop to make a breakfast bar. We took the brackets off and cut the worktop back (we used this piece for a bedroom hearth and a shelf) We got the shade of paint of the people who made the base and off we went - I was foreman and Alan the joiner! I am so pleased with the result and very proud of my clever husband. This is a picture of it before I packed it with vintage china with a close up of my favourite three pieces (off ebay of course) It is not glossy its the sun!

Spot the Lillipeg girls from Lucy Bloom and my Nana's sugar shaker and the bowl I found to match it.

I came down on Sunday morning and the sun was streaming in through the velux window above the dresser and I was in my element finally achieving the look I have wanted for so long we would never have been able to afford the top from the people who made the bottom.

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